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Vancouver Sex Is Great

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

I am from Australia and I am always traveling to Canada, to be more specific I always go to Vancouver on bussines you know, I have been told
this city has a very good nightlife and yeah I can tell, but once I said “what about the wild night life?” “what about Vancouver sex escene?”
I asked a couple local friends and they told me girls were hot and kinda openminded, so i thought what the hell let’s try the Vancouver sex!! lol I hit couple local bars that night and I ended up
meeting a very cool looking girl, we didn’t have sex right away but we had a very nice conversation also had a couple drinks and then we headed to my apartment, I can tell I had my best sexual experience that night,
mostly cause i told the girl i was australian and was there only for a week evey month, i was just looking for some casual sex and she totally liked the idea, We’ve been fuck buddies for a while now so i can tell vancouver sex is great!!!!